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So it has been a while (!) since I updated this blog. So let me just do a quick recap of what I’ve been up to. First, I had a baby, a little girl in January 2014. Then we moved house, which affected our shop and our ability to keep it going, but more about that in my next post. Then we had another baby in November last year. He is already almost 4 months and time has really flown by. But as you can probably guess, I am at home taking care of my two little kiddos and I have wanted to put this online universe on hold a bit so that I can focus on them. But then I had to share this little gem of a poster with you: The Birth Poster.

Continuous Line 1 Continuous Line 2
Sketch 1 Sketch 2

There are four different illustrations you can choose from and you can also choose whether you want them facing left or right.

This Swedish company has had such a genius idea; they make posters with all the most important birth details. They even go so far as to customize the height of the baby in the poster to the actual length of your baby.


I know that they normally don’t measure the height of babies here in the UK. I found out when our first one was born and everyone from home started asking us how tall she was. By then we were home and it was too late to ask them to measure her. So with the second one we made sure to ask them to measure the height so we would be able to tell all our relatives. (Is it just in the UK that they don’t measure height or is this the case in other parts of Europe as well?)


So, fortunately we have the height of our second born and he now has a personalised poster of his own. I ordered the beautiful Continuous Line 2. I wish I knew how tall our eldest was because I think it would be so cute to have two posters with the babies facing each other.


The Birth Poster does free shipping all over the world as well as gift cards, which would be a perfect baby shower present. Then once the baby is born, they can order their personalised poster.

In collaboration with The Birth Poster

You might already have a Pinterest account and you might already have experienced the addictive nature of this online tool to help you find inspiration, categorise your favourite pictures of interiors, fashion or food, and the list goes on.

I registered almost at the same time that I started blogging and have found it such a useful source to help me discover my own likes, taste and style. It can be confusing to decorate your home and knowing what is a trend and what is your actual style. You don’t want to invest in a designer piece just to find out it doesn’t really fit with the style you are trying to create. After having pinned for a while a few themes started appearing on my boards and I realised what it is that seems to appeal to me in a room… whites, open space, greys, and wood accents. If you are already a pinner, have you discovered things about yourself and your style from your pins and boards?

I also love finding new boards and other pinners. I follow many of my favourite bloggers on Pinterest such as Kirsteen from the Pretty Pretty blog, Bethan from Decorator’s Notebook, Michelle from My Cre8tive, and Johanna from Tant Johanna. I’d love to hear who your favourite pinenrs are.

Now Pinterest has been developed so that UK users will be able to select British spelling and set ups, when registering Pinners from the UK would be suggested to you, and your searches will feature more UK content. And to make existing UK pinners aware and maybe get new users interested they have launched a #PinItForwardUK campaign that started with the fabulous Will of Bright Bazaar introducing it a week ago.

If you are not already a Pinner, why not register now and be my friend on Pinterest? And if you already have a Pinterest account and you haven’t already changed your settings, why not try updating your location to the UK and changing the language settings. See if it makes any difference :)

Pictures above from my “Interior” board on Pinterest.

Let me also introduce the pastelly Torie Jayne and her blog with the same name.


Black and white yet bold

I have been coming back to these pictures a couple of times. And although it is much bolder in contrasts and mixing very different styles, than the usual pictures I post here on the blog, I do like it.

I like how these home owners have managed to style a typical Scandinavian black and white interior with many items from Ikea and spice it up with a sunflower gold mirror and a Kartell chair.

What do you think? Do you like this eclectic mix of modern and antique, patterns and stripes with gold? Maybe this is not bold at all to some of you :)

1. Ceramic Vase by Tine K 2. Lamp with adjustable arm by Nordic Bliss 3. Sunflower mirror by Out There 4. Ghost Chair by Interior Addict

Source Sköna Hem

Back in stock

Just wanted to let you know that the very popular wooden stool is finally back in stock.

I love this little stool that could be used as a side table. It is a great way to add a bit of wood to your interiors.

When I was at Meet the Blogger last weekend Will from Bright Bazaar had a presentation that was really useful. He showed how to make GIF pictures (animated) and so I thought I would have a go. And it was a lot of fun learning how to use different features in Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop you can use a site called Picason where you can upload your pictures and it makes a GIF for you. So now I’ve made a couple of buttons for Nordic Bliss. If you want to link to the webshop all you have to copy the codes in the text boxes and paste them unto your blog. I am already so thankful for all the likes and links we are getting from all of you!



Recommended by Inside Out Magazine

I recently received an email from Inside Out Magazine with some news that put a big smile on my face. Nordic Bliss blog has been chosen as one of six recommended blogs in their latest issue.

This led to a huge number of new friends of our facebook page, meaning we’ve nearly reached 1500 followers. Thank you all so much. When we reach the magic number we will celebrate with another give away!

Right now I am getting really exciting about this coming weekend. I am really looking forward to Meet the Blogger in London. If you haven’t heard of it before it is an event open for all bloggers. I am very excited to finally meet some blog friends in person such as Mr Happy Interior – Igor, Will from Bright Bazaar, Caroline from Trend Daily. But I am also looking forward to seeing some of the blgogers I’ve already had the chance to meet such as Bethan from Decorator’s Notebook and Ursula from Room to Bloom and maybe even more friends that might show up :)

I think there are still some tickets available if you would like to join. Visit their website now.

Today I am guest blogging on My Scandinavian Home usually written by Niki. A wonderful Danish home with lots of greenery and bright interiors.

1. “Be Gentle” print by Ylva Skarp + + + 2. Pillow + + + 3. Glass vase + + + 4. Grey cotton throw


Love: the pendant lamps!

Source Marie Claire Maison

Danish home

This past weekend has been lovely. The sun was out on Sunday and we started spending some time in preparing our strawberries in the green house. Mostly watering and planting seeds. Next week we want to plant some tomato seeds inside, so that the plants will be ready to plant outside in the spring. I was hoping to go and see Les Mis in the cinema, but I ahve had heard very mixed views from my friends. Mostly about the awful singing. Has any of you dear readers seen it? What did you think?

Another week it is then! I am starting with some lovely white and black interiors.

Source Femina

It’s been a while. For lots of different reasons. My other half had a serious surgery (his knee, so he is limping around) and has 3 months off from work. Which means I spend my evenings as a nurse. Not that I don’t want to do that. That is exactly what I want to do, to help him out, but it means that other things had to make room so that I can be there for my husband. So it has been quiet evenings, staying in, lots of warm drinks and blankets (in this cold wet weather), movie nights and to be honest its been absolutely lovely. I think my stress levels have lowered, my sleep pattern has improved, and I have had time to think, talk to friends and catch up on life.

I do have some things up my sleeve for the next couple of weeks… my visit to Sweden in January to the Formex design expo, some great news are coming to the shop, a guest post and a give away is around the corner as well.

But for now I am going to leave you with some wonderful pictures of stylist Johanna Pilfalk. Love the brown and white, the frosty winter colours together with a burning fire. If I ever become a house owner a fireplace is number 1 on my wishlist :)

Metallic Tray + + + Antler candle holder + + + Glass vase

When I am off for a longer time and you come here for inspiration and realise the blog hasn’t been updated… why not have a click on some of my personal favourites on the right. They are all fabulous blogs with lots of interior inspiration.

Source: Johanna Pilfalk


Candle holders now 30% discounted.

I hope you haven’t missed that we are having our biggest SALE yet? We have up to 50% discount on a number of items. And we continue to add new products to the sale on a daily basis, so come back to see if that one thing you have been wanting has been added to the sale.

These pretty cushion covers are now -30%, crochet plaid, metal patti basket

Pictures by Nordic Bliss

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