My name is Marianne and I was born in Norway in the 80s. When it comes to style you could say that I have stayed true to my roots as my fascination with the Nordic style and Scandinavian design won’t seem to go away despite having lived in the UK for almost 9 years now.

I am married to a tall, blonde and blue eyed Swede and my mother is Danish. So I’ve covered Scandinavia pretty well :)

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When I post pretty pictures that I find I always try to link back to the source. However, if I have used your photos or if you feel I haven’t linked back correctly please let me know as I really try and make sure to link to the originator who deserves the credit.

We have opened a little web shop that will be selling Nordic brands that are not so well known in the UK yet. It is now up and running so if you like Scandinavian style you should head over :)


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